At Hue Vision Media & Designs customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so we encourage our clients to leave their comments and experiences with HVMD. Through this we can learn from the clients and offer nothing but the best services.


Afie & Jonathan - Blye Wedding

London, United Kingdom

This was my second time dealing with Hue Vision Media & Designs and somehow Lawrence has found a way to out do his previous project. My fiancee and I were looking for an affordable web designer as wedding can be very costly. I got back in touch with Lawrence and provided him with the pictures for the site, I had no idea what we wanted but we knew the theme would be hot and summery as our wedding is taking place in Jamaica. Lawrence has somehow managed to pull out another masterpiece and Afie and I were absolutely blown away by the outcome. It's always a pleasure working with Lawrence and he's defiantly my go to guy for all future projects. I highly recommend Hue Vision Media & Designs to anyone looking for affordable, professional work.

Maxime Blaise - CEO of PaperMax Ltd

Monrovia, Liberia

Hue Vision Media & Designs came highly recommended and they didn't dissapoint. From helping with the branding, marketing and packaging to designing my website, I don't think there isn't anything HVMD cannot do. World class service, top professionals and they build amazing rapport with their clients. Its safe to say all my future projects will be handled by HVMD as they were a real pleasure to work with.

Joycee & Tola - Jata Wedding

Abuja, Nigeria

HVMD made working with them effortless and enjoyable. I got more than I expected. HVMD are truly a versitile company posessing knowledge and skills in every department. The team really took professionalism to another level and demonstrated the willingness to meet tight deadlines, walks us through processes step by step and most importantly saving us time and delivering a breathtaking wedding website.

Debbie Watson - CEO of Onix Organics

Los Angelas California, USA

Hue Vision Media & Designs have been nothing short of awsome. They have really taken professionalism to another level and demonstrated the willingness to meet tight deadlines. Lawrence walked us through the process step by step. One of the best parts of working with Lawrence is his ability to adapt and understand his clients needs and deliver top quality work.

Jose Dos Santos - CEO of DS Sound

Luanda, Angola

Lawrence is an awsome designer hands down! He has a way with his clients and a rapport which makes you feel as though you've known him all your life, and that was very important for me as I have problems trusting people. In terms of his work its first class and I couldn't imgaine an outcome such as this but my site and compay logo exceeded all expecations and I was completely blown away. I also wanted to mention this was all done remotely over Skype and a few exchanges of emails. We have finally met in person but it goes to show how talented and flexiable his skill sets are. If you haven't worked with Lawrence and HVMD yet I highly reccomend it as you won't be dissapointed.

Philip Saah Varnie - CEO of PSV High Quality Workmanship

Houston, Texas, USA

For a small company Hue Vision Media & Designs really raise the bar. They handle their clients with such professionalism and  class, it puts bigger companies to shame. Lawrence listedned to all of my ideas and was able to make all of them a reality, from branding my work uniform to creating elegant business cards and then topping that of with a stunning website which has worked wonders for my business. HVMD were also able to help me advertise in the right channels helping me to double my client base in two and a half months. Thank you, Hue Vision Media & Designs.

Telia Urey - ALP Campaign Manager

Monrovia, Liberia

Lawrence did an amazing job with the ALP Logo. His response time is out of this world! He responds very quickly to all requests, takes and takes clients suggestions into account. He only had three days to deliver before the offical launch of the ALP. He is professional, efficient, and trustworthy. We will definatly be coming back for more designs for our political party as the end product always exceeds all expectations. Clients will have a great experience working with Lawrence as he is passionate about his work and always gives his all on each project. I strongly recommend Hue Vision Media & Designs.

Tola Awosika - CEO of The 355 Group

Abuja, Nigeria

Lawrence went beyond all expectations when he rebranded our website. He was able to take our vision and make it a reality, its very rare to come across someone with the talent and understanding he posesses in his field. He also provides meaningful and helpful suggestions making his clients lives easier. I can asure all future clients that they will have a great experience working with Lawrence as he is passionate and a real professional.

Danielle Urey - Co Founder of Kifalme Investments

Abuja, Nigeria

Mr. Barchue is creative, talented, professional, efficient, and trustworthy. He has designed several items for our company and the end product always exceeds my expectations. He responds very quickly to all requests, takes client suggestions into account, services are affordable, and provides meaningful and helpful suggestions. Clients will have a great experience working with Lawrence as he is passionate about his work and always gives his all on each project. I strongly recommend Lawrence.

Kijafa Vick - Founder of My Hair Closet

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Hue Vision Media & Designs went beyond all expectations when they rebranded my business. I had a tight deadline opening a new store whilst also trying to launch a new website at the same time. Surprisingly my website was done before the deadline and I was able to concentrate on my launch party and the opening of my new store. Thank you, Hue Vision Media & Designs, you guys were life savers.

Richie Dumbar - Co Founder Of Single Ready Music

St Paul Minnesota, USA

Hue Vision Media & Designs are by far the coolest company I've ever worked with. Their attention to detail is unbelievable along with the customer service. As I am always in the studio producing I hardly have time to spare. HVMD handled everything from the ground up and put themselves in the clients shoes so their understanding for the clients need is first class.

Rebecca Smith - Director Of Pro UK Consultant

London, United Kingdom

HVMD are simply amazing. I've been through my fair share of bad experiences with graphic designers. I didn't know what to expect at first but the level of patients, attention to detail and professionalism was out of this world. They've demonstrated amazing customer service and that the clients needs is their overall priority.

Micheal Coins - CEO Of EM Entertainment

London, United Kingdom

EM Entertainment was an idea in the pipeline and if it wasn't for the services of Hue Vision Media & Designs it would still be just that an idea. What I loved most about HVMD was I gave very little input as I was very unsure about the look and direction to point my company in. From the vert first consultation I knew they were the real deal and this dream of mine could finally become a reality. HVMD create the concept, and look which so many of our clients adored and because of this I was able to generate more business and meet the demands of my clients and customers. Not only do they design breathtaking websites but HVMD are amazing brand developers. I came with an idea and Hue Vision Media & Designs used there digital ink and made my idea a reality. By far the best designers I have ever worked with and they meet the craziest deadlines.

Ola Jolugbo - Co Founder G2G Consult Ltd

London, United Kingdom

My business partner recommended we use Hue Vision Media & Designs as they previously did some work for our company. We are both always so busy and never find the time to execute all of our ideas and conceptions. The team really took professionalism to another level and demonstrated the willingness to meet tight deadlines, walks us through processes step by step and most importantly saving us time. With out the dedication and efficency HVMD demonstrated November conference wouldn’t have gone ahead as scheduled. So a big thank you to the guys and gals of HVMD and I would recommend them every time.

Maria Lopez - Avon President Club & Senior Representative

London, United Kingdom

Hue Vision Media & Designs was the breath of fresh air responsible for getting my Avon brand up and running. As I am a senior representative I'm always on the move and I carry a lot of brochures and unnecessary items which make traveling and home visits difficult. HVMD were very polite and patient as I have zero percent technical knowledge. However they overcame that obstacle and built an online store which they maintained and also trained me in how to manage the store. One of the best parts of working with HVMD is there ability to adapt and understand your needs. The real game changer was the fact they designed a digital downloadable brochure making my life a whole lot easier. So now when I visit clients and potential customers at home my laptop does the trick and through that genius idea I save more paper. I recommend Hue Vision Media & Designs to any and everybody.

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