Choose Product entry Package

HVMD offers product entry services, product upload, and e-commerce data entry services. Our e-commerce product entry package includes:


    •    upload of your product and product options, drop downs, and text boxes options for product personalisation

    •    upload of product images and unlimited additional images

    •    upload and linking of categories and copying product into multiple categories

    •    Quick delivery within 1-3 business days per 50 products!



Many of our clients don’t feel comfortable uploading products or don’t have the time. So, let us do the hard work for you!


To get started we will need your product information. Once you purchase the package, we will email you a product entry questionnaire which explains what you need to send in. This will include product data, images, titles, description, images, keywords, category, model, styles, colors, options, drop-downs, text boxes, etc. Once we receive your information, we will begin the product entry process.


Are you a vendor, reseller or drop shipper?


Send in product weblinks. Product entry from other sites will be uploaded as similarly as possible into your site based on your site’s capabilities and features.


Personalized and customized products


We can handle even the most complex personalized products. Additional costs may apply if design work is required or if the product requires dependent variants, option templates, information pages linked to it, photo swatch option design, product template design, or custom products that require extensive customization and have hundreds of options. We will contact you if any additional fees will apply.


Delivery time & rush work


It takes approximately 1-3 business days to upload 50 products. Once you purchase your package, you have 6 months to send in the product information. Product entry cannot be traded in for other services or used as credit. We offer discounts for bulk product entry. The more product entry you purchase, the more affordable your package.


Your product entry package will be scheduled depending on our availability. Please email us if you need a rush job or the product entry completed before a certain date before purchasing.




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